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RIP Atmel and fuck you Microchip.

RIP Atmel
Your micros have served me well.

Also, fuck you Microchip /shit.

  • You buy companies every quarter and end up killing product lines (or at least their continued evolution), this is literally the only way you keep your stock afloat. Its a joke at this point.
  • You outsource your tech support to India. Now Atmel has their support in China. But the Microchip tech support literally asks me ARE YOU SURE ITS PLUGGED IN every time while Atmel’s actually is technical and helps with technical respect..
  • Your own fucking factory asks me why they can’t program a HEX file because your fucking tools are too stupid to report invalid opcodes generated by your own fucking compiler. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to truncate the opcode without warning in half your idiotic tools while keeping them in the other half???
  • You continue to mislead and lie in your marketing. “Best optimizations in the industry!”. Yea, maybe for a non-linear memory piece of shit with an instruction set barely able to run C. The PIC32MZ best in class coremark was hilarious too, until I am guessing legal pointed out it was not true.
  • The PIC32MZ? Hah, shows how dead the fucking company is given how royally botched the product is. You could refresh the page and see the release date keep moving back until it disappeared. The errata was entertaining to watch grow.  Benchtests, I mean seriously did your engineers learn this at any point? Because the PIC32MZ errata clearly shows they didn’t. (And there’s a line between things you can and can’t benchtest, but when entire peripherals don’t work, your hardware engineering is broken).
  • Your CEO is a idiot for bragging that ARMs have no future. Especially proceeding to not innnovate or improve the PIC16/18 and PIC32 architectures after that.
  • The hours I wasted because your piece of shit tools have more bugs than a comp sci students first attempt at kernel drivers.
  • “Sorry we can’t give you a out of release cycle fix for the compiler bug impacting your product for another year” — Fuck you, I pay you for a piece of shit closed source compiler I can’t fix. You idiots couldn’t even have the compiler do the correct endian for an opcode.
  • Speaking of shitty compilers, the more I see erratas on how XC8 can’t do math, the more I realize your software engineering practices don’t enforce unit tests. How the bloody fuck do you allow bugs like signed + unsigned integer additions resulting in corrupted results if the result is negative to exist??? I am literally so paranoid having used XC8 that I have considered unit testing every single function since learning I can’t expect the compiler to do motherfucking math. XC8 SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR SAFETY SYSTEMS, EVER. Not unless you get Microchip to sign a document accepting liability.
  • What kind of fucking idiot sells two packages of the micro under the same part number but removes a peripheral from one package???? (Without removing pin). No other sane company does this without changing a part number, its literally functionally different.
  • Your ICD3 can burn out and die really fucking easily. You don’t provide schematics to this overpriced piece of shit. You don’t provide bill of materials. And you don’t provide “lifetime warranty” anymore like you used to because I assume you now have a warehouse full of dead ICD3s.
  • Who the fuck uses a RJ45 connector for a programming device? Is it too hipster to use a bloody ribbon cable like everyone else? You know, ribbon cables you typically can fucking get that mate with your own PCB headers directly? Or do you assholes hold stock in a RJ45 manufacturing company?


Anyway, it’s time to look for another brand of micros.

Shit happens, its how publicly traded companies work out.

But fuck If I am going to support a company of bloody cunts. I rather take my 1mil+ volume of micros purchases to someone else.